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MESO Digital Services GmbH crafts software products focusing on digital communication, mobile applications, cloud services and internet of things (IoE). We know how to craft novel ideas and to turn them into software.

MESO Digital Services - Full Project List (2015)

The 2014 incarnation of the website of our favorite University of Art and Design

January 2015 - March 2015

Stadt Raunheim Cue System & Digital Signage

Guiding visitors of a municipal office, with the help of a digital signage system and a customized cue system

January 2015 - May 2015

BMW i Explainer App for iPad

Interactive tool for a BMW Product Genius to explain the i series vehicles on a mobile device. Latest appearence: Auto Shanghai motor show.

January 2015 - April 2015

BWM EfficientDynamics App 2014

iPad App for the BMW EfficientDynamic technology

December 2014 - January 2015
BWM EfficientDynamics App 2014

MINI Social Media Station Beijing 2014

An interactive social media publishing station at an exhibit for MINI at the Auto China 2014 in Beijing

February 2014 - April 2014
MINI Social Media Station
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