BWM EfficientDynamics App 2014

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  • Project: BWM EfficientDynamics App 2014
  • Date: December 2014 - January 2015
  • Client: BMW Group
  • Partner: yellow design, cologne (Concept and Design)
  • Tasks: development, live support

Another member of the well-established BMW-iPad-app-family concentrates around the EfficientDynamics technology. It is once again based on the combination of our own backend system, Application Publishing Platform (APP) and Javascript Framework DRIVE in order to ensure flexible and fast content management including rollout to the iPads. The app itself serves as a showcase for the EfficientDynamics technology and was created together with yellow design from Cologne responsible for content creation and art direction throughout the technical communication for BMW.

There is also the 2011 version of the same topic.

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