CPF Finanzkommunikation

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  • Project: CPF Finanzkommunikation
  • Date: February 2007 - August 2007
  • Client: CPF Finanzkommunikation, Hamburg
  • Partner: Group of Peers, Frankfurt
  • http://www.cpf-pr.de

We did this small website together with Group of Peers for a startup company based in Hamburg. They are developing marketing & public relation strategies.

This web system tries to communicate as efficiently as possible. So it is simple, clear and right to the point and does not distract the visitor with lots of images and graphical ornaments. In the background of course we have our aspekt:ratio content management system running, which helps them keep at least their online communication up to date easily.
This is one of the series of startup company websites we did together with Group of Peers, a competent and experienced agency in Frankfurt.

Group of Peers

CPF Finanzkommunikation
Website for a small startup company based in Hamburg developing marketing & public relation strategies.
Small startup website that is surely not about eyes at all. But seeing is believing, so see for yourself what they do.
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