BMW xDrive iPad Application

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  • Project: BMW xDrive iPad Application
  • Date: May 2011 - August 2011
  • Client: BMW AG, Munich
  • Contractor: BMW AG, Munich
  • Tasks: Concept Adaption, Technical Plannings, Programming

MESO Web Scapes was asked to create an iPad compatible adaption of the all new BMW xDrive robotic Exhibit, showcasing the system behind BMWs all wheel drive.
Where the robot is in charge for moving the car in absolute routine and perfection through the difficult road conditions, we handed the steering-wheel to the user.

By tilting the iPad, we push the grips more and more toward the curve and demonstrate the power distribution over both axis or accelerate the car and let everything work at high speed.
Technically solved by bending the street at runtime without the use of canvas and proper 50 to 60 frames per second for a smooth experience.
Change the weather or witness in slow-motion how the system is working in different conditions and gives you a lot more grip to the road than you have on a slippery touch-device.

When done with driving, switch over to the information-layer, lean back and swipe through all currently available xDrive cars or explore further technical details on the system.

The MESO Team: Stefan Ammon, Mathias Wollin, Maximilian Lemke, Nina Dauer, Bogomir Engel, Claudius Coenen, Benjamin Baum, Jan TrĂ¼ller

BMW xDrive

The idea of this Robotic Exhibit is to create a realistic impression of a high dynamic drive on the display to explain BMW’s xDrive Technology.

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