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Bogomir Engel studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden. Since 2001, he has worked with the conception, design and realization of various Internet systems.

He completed his degree in 2010, with the conception and implementation of a multitouch userinterface in the area of application tourism.

Below you see a list of projects Bogomir Engel has been working on for MESO Web Scapes:

BASF World Globe
Full Globe Projection
BMW xDrive iPad Application
An iPad compatible adaption of the all new BMW xDrive robotic Exhibit
Website for Hessen Film and Media Academy — Network of 13 Hessian Universities
ITV Creative Rooms
Collaborative digital media tools for a creative room Score-System Backend
Score editor as part of the broad context for research into choreographic practice.
New website for the well known House-DJ Tocadisco. Watch out! Thirteen degrees steep hill upwards.
transform magazine
creatives inspired by creatives
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