Navero Promotional Simulator

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  • Project: Navero Promotional Simulator
  • Date: January 2010 - March 2010
  • Client: S.E.P. Gesellschaft für technische Beratung und Dienstleistung mbH und SUWATEC GmbH
  • Tasks: Consulting, Conception, Graphics and Animation Design, Programming

Traveling and sightseeing is known as a time consuming concern. It requires gathering information to plan a route or tour since people do not want to waste time at their travel destination.
SEP, an engineering company for technical consulting and service in Munich, developed a concept that reduces the time consuming procedure by offering tourists and travellers a smart system that enhances the travel and sightseeing experience to the preferences of the users and enables them to instantly find their points of interests. In addition, NAVERO® calculates the tour duration which enables the users to travel without any worries and offers them the option to plan their day according to their free time.
SEP named this concept NAVERO® and connects the main features of printed tourist information and the competence and knowledge of personal travel guides into an intelligent system while taking full advantage of today’s technical possibilities.

Meso was asked by SEP to create a promotional website including a complete software simulation for this smart system including city and tour overviews, detailed point of interest descriptions, images and videos.
Arranging and rearranging tours matched to the interests and preferences of the users can easily be done while providing up-to-date tourist information and intelligent navigation.

The entire interface design plus the website graphics and animation was done by MESO to give a snapshot of the abilities and feel of the system while blurry images of typical sightseeing views make the user feel like he is having the device right in the palm of his hand and using it.

Developing a system like NAVERO® does not only require a lot of designing and programming work but in addition a great amount of research such as cities, tour guides and restaurants. The colleague who did all the research was so amazed by all the different places that he is on holiday ever since. We still get postcards from him which is nice.

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