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MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
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Jobs at MESO

Multimedia Software Developer / VVVV Patcher (m/f) at MESO Digital Interiors

We are looking for an experienced developer proficient in VVVV for project based freelance work and for a long-term collaboration. Additionally to extensive programming skills in VVVV, design-mindedness and experience with media installations and physical computing is a plus.

Either excellent German or English communication skills are required. Location is MESO in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Available: Immediately.

Please call Max or Sebastian (see left column) or send an email to Miriam at

Intern at MESO Digital Interiors

We are looking for extraordinary students of computer science, media design, interaction design with a transdisciplinary background. We are expecting proven fluency in programming, graphic/motion/interaction/ux design, 3d modeling and general computer usage. Excellent communication skills in English and/or German are required.
Programming experience in complicated or esoteric programming languages is welcome. Proven experience with VVVV is highly appreciated.

Skills in typography, audio/video editing, music, mechanics, electronics, sound design, architecture and/or CNC machine usage are a plus.

Internship is 6 months. Place is Frankfurt. We will prefer people who are interested in a permanently at MESO after finishing education. Often we support former interns during their masters/diploma thesis, and most of our staff have begun as interns – and stayed.

Please send an email to Miriam at

Backend Developer (Ruby on Rails) at MESO Digital Services

We are looking for skilled developers to extend our experienced Ruby on Rails backend team in Frankfurt/Germany.

You don’t need to bring experience with Ruby on Rails yourself, we can train on the job during the first months if you have worked with other server technologies (PHP, ASP, …).

Please apply liberally with some examples of your work by sending an email to Cornel

Freelance Interface Designer (m/f) at MESO Digital Services

A part-time job at MESO in Frankfurt, Germany.
We are permanently looking for gifted interface designers with the ability to quickly develop core design approaches as well as detailed interface layouts ready for the developers.

Firm knowledge of (touch)screen interface design and creation of widget systems required.

Please apply liberally with some examples of your work by sending an email to Cornel

Frontend/Backend Developer at MESO Digital Services

Responsibilities include the development and creation of technical concepts for networked media applications of high quality in form and content as well as crisp programming tasks in all current and future languages.

Applicants should be familiar with at least a subset of:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript together with modern dynamic Website concepts (aka HTML5)
  • Frameworks optimized for the development of mobilea applications (e.g.
  • Flash Actionscript 3

Practical skills or a basic interest in Ruby on Rails, MySQL or document databases, XML or Java are of course also welcome. Knowledge or interest in game development or design patterns will make your application irresistible to us.

Please apply liberally with some examples of your work by sending an email to Cornel

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