Michael Hoepfel

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Michael Hoepfel
Chodowiecki Str. 20
10405 Berlin
++49 30 37 30 48 33


born 1971 in Augsburg
lives and works in Berlin

since 2009: computer aided fashion design at KH Weissensee
2004 – present: founder of MESO Image Spaces spaces
1999 Diploma in Visual Communication / AV Media
at Offenbach College of Art & Design
1997 – present: founder and associate of meso
since 1993 artistic work with digital media

areas of expertise in applied projects:
conception, art direction, 3D modelling & animation,
visualization, content design, on air design, postproduction

artistic work exhibited in Los Angeles, Vienna,
Budapest, Athens, Berlin, Linz, Varna, Munich,
Zurich, Frankfurt/M, Baden-Baden etc.


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