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MESO is working at the intersection of technology and design — offering an integrated view on digital media system design.

We are specialists for innovative and captivating media solutions with a strong focus on realtime and collaborative systems, in virtual as well as in real spaces.

This web site collects many of the projects which have been done in the last ten years.

You will find the full projects overview on the Projects page.

Some of the projects we have been working on in the last months below. Or check the full project lists for MESO Digital Interiors, MESO Digital Services and MESO Image Spaces

Fresh from the Digital Interiors workbench


Showcases for sensor systems

October 2016 - November 2016

BASF K 2016 Exhibition Modules

Showcases for Experimental Materials

September 2016 - October 2016

HYUNDAI HED-11 'RN30' Concept Car Dashboard

Car Cockpit Prototype

June 2016 - October 2016

CA IMMO at Luminale 2016 - Are you spinning?

Interactive bicycle installation

February 2016 - March 2016

Museum Friedland

Exhibition Media for Museum Friedland: Audio Guide, Projection Mapping Installations & Virtual Facsimile

January 2016 - March 2016


Hybrid Car LED Sculpture

February 2015 - April 2015

MINI Connected - Geneva International Motor Show

MINI Connected – Multitouch Explainer Tables

January 2015 - February 2015

Ata Macias & Partner - Give Love Back

Multi-layered multi-projection archive for Ata Macias & Partner, museum angewandtekunst, Frankfurt

September 2014 - January 2015

BMW eDrive Simulator

Acceleration simulator with collimated display and surround sound

October 2013

BAYER Sharing Dreams, Sharing Value at K2013

Integrated media system for Bayer MaterialScience – Multitouch sculpture, mobile apps and video wall on shared content management system

October 2013

Fraport Headquarters: Visitor Media Systems

Development of a Real-Time Information Wall and Interactive Media Terminals

February 2013

MINI John Cooper Works Driving Simulator

Kinetic racing game

January 2013

Bodypaint your MINI

Bodypaint your MINI @ Monidal de l´automobile Paris 2012

July 2012 - September 2012

ABB Kinetic cube shaped displays

Kinetic cube shaped displays for ABB presentation at Automatica Munich

April 2012 - May 2012
ABB Robotic Cubes

Cranach in Weimar

This media station gives you the opportunity to explore in detail the famous Cranach winged altarpiece permanently installed in Weimar’s StadtkircheSt. Peter und Paul.

hfg-offenbach.de (2015)
The relaunch of the website of our favorite University of Art and Design
Stadt Raunheim Cue System & Digital Signage
Guiding visitors of a municipal office with digital signage and a cue system
BMW i Explainer App for iPad
Interactive tool for a BMW Product Genius to explain the i series vehicles
BWM EfficientDynamics App 2014
iPad App for the BMW EfficientDynamic technology
MINI Social Media Station Beijing 2014
An interactive social media publishing station at an exhibit for MINI
scores.motionbank.org Score-System Backend
Score editor as part of the broad context for research into choreographic practice.
BMW iLounge Apps for IAA 2013
MESO Web Scapes goes IAA 2013 with a bouquet of apps about the new BMW i models
Reifenhäuser Corporate Website
Corporate Website for Reifenhäuser Group
BMW iLounge App "360° Electric"
One of the BMW iLounge Apps debuting at IAA 2013 revolving around charging EVs.
BMW iLounge App "Connected Drive"
The BMW i Connected Drive App: it's all about connectivity!
BMW iLounge App for the new BMW i3
Showcasing the BMW i3 - the benchmark for all electric vehicles.
BMW iLounge App about the i8 hybrid sports car.
The BMW i8 app - all you ever wanted to know about the new hybrid sports car.
BMW iLounge App "Mobility"
A bird's eye view on the mobility concepts of now and the future.
BMW iLounge App "Sustainability"
This BMW iLounge App explains the importance of sustainability in car production.
s1nn.de (2013)
Website for a German producer of connectivity and infotainment products
Phtalo Records
Online release catalog for an L.A. based independent electronic music label
GRID Magazin Website
Website for a brand new German design magazine
Halocyan Records
Minimal design for minimal music — presented in maximum size for maximum impact
Website for Hessen Film and Media Academy — Network of 13 Hessian Universities
BMW i. Life Drive Animation
Explainer animation for the BMW i. Life Drive car architecture
Goethe - Nationalmuseum / Media Guide
Digital Media Guide for the permanent exhibition "Lebensfluten - Tatensturm" in the Goethe National Museum
Logo Design for a new payment system
BMW TwinPower Turbo iPad Application
An app about Bayerische Motorenwerke's main competence: engines.
Hybrid clock
Recall your thoughts with colour with this magnificent Hybrid Clock.
BMW i. Carbon iPad Application
An HTML5 iPad Application presentation carbon as a car building material.
BMW i. Sustainable Materials iPad Application
HTML5 based iPad App featuring the sustainability aspects of BMW i.
BMW i. Life Drive Concept iPad Application
Shaping carbon fiber and aluminum around a concept for future mobility.
BMW i. Mobility Services
Tilting the iPad to navigate through a storyline is the key feature of this application.
cocoon.net corporate website
Corporate website for Cocoon Music Event and Cocoonclub
transform magazine
creatives inspired by creatives
Becker-Lacour Photographers
Becker-Lacour Photographers Portfolio Website Relaunch in 2011
BMW xDrive iPad Application
An iPad compatible adaption of the all new BMW xDrive robotic Exhibit
BMW ConnectedDrive iPad Application
A unique HTML5 iPad Application for BMW ConnectedDrive.
New website for the well known House-DJ Tocadisco. Watch out! Thirteen degrees steep hill upwards.
Milupa Corporate Website
Parents find lots of information about baby food on this fresh new website of baby food producer Milupa
Memory Loops
175 Audio Tracks on Sites of NS-Terror in Munich
c&m Travel Design Website
Custom designed travels, the most beautyful places on earth: it's all there.
Navero Promotional Simulator
A software simulation and promotional website for a new product
Just/Burgeff Architekten Website
Online Portfolio of Frankfurt based Architects
Siemens - Windenergy
Website about the Siemens windenergy-park off the coast of Denmark.
Landingpage and Microsite for Emma's online campaign for Union Investment
Kinder-Pinguí Russia Painting Book Promotion
A promotion for a painting book produced by Kinder-Pinguí Russia
Emma 09 - "Stacked Stocking"
Emma is back. And she brought her sisters with her...
2sbm Corp. Website
Project presentation platform and corporate website for a brand value agency.
MESO designed the new website for **beef-magazine**. A community for creatives.
hauser lacour corporate website
hauser lacour show us their new face: An elegant new website.
NotOnOurWatch Website
A website created for an international non-profit organisation and in cooperation with STILETTO NYC
Die Vattenfall Welt
"World of Vattenfall" is an information terminal that shows the Vattenfall Group's social activities at branch offices in Berlin and Hamburg
Die Vattenfall Welt
"World of Vattenfall" is an information terminal that shows the Vattenfall Group's social activities at branch offices in Berlin and Hamburg
Der Vattenfall Frequenz Regler
The Vattenfall Frequency Regulator is an installation that lets the visitor interactively experience power regulation techniques.
Der Vattenfall Frequenz Regler
The Vattenfall Frequency Regulator is an installation that lets the visitor interactively experience power regulation techniques.
The european biennale for contemporary art 2008. MESO did the interface-design.
Smooth movement of aerial views, nice countrysides with animations and games make all the fun on this Ferrero website.
On Things Of(f) Things On
Ben van Berkel and the Theatre of Immanence - ON THINGS OF(F) THINGS ON
The Hunting Station website
MESO realized this website in cooperation with S. Dobrigkeit. Ruby on Rails was used to create the CMS.
HLMD Information Website
The information website of the "Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt" (museum of the state of hesse).
architektur aktuell
Austria's most famous architecture magazine finally gets its own website.
Jardín de las Ideas
The Word of Ideas – make a wish for a special place on earth.
A little slideshow for designer Olaf Schroeder
Space of Communication Journal 02
Journal 2 presents Internet resources that pertain to Space of Communication in relation to the arts and architecture.
MESO Project Database
The brand new meso.net website features a vast project database and a new structural concept.
Kinder-Pinguí Sofortgewinnspiel
Flash application where one can participate in an online raffle and get instant feedback about his win
Sixflags Google Gadget
Google gadget with small size sixgflags skydrifter game.
s1nn.de (2007)
Website for a German producer of connectivity and infotainment products
Sixflags.com Characters
Entire family around the sixflags.com main game character for ogilvy NY
ITV Creative Rooms
Collaborative digital media tools for a creative room
Neues von Münchhausen
"Neues von Münchhausen - Der Ritt auf dem Seepferd" is a German children's book by Heinz Janisch, illustrated by Aljoscha Blau
CPF Finanzkommunikation
Website for a small startup company based in Hamburg developing marketing & public relation strategies.
Designer Profile
Website with a database of more than 750 profiles of german and international design agencies.
Sixflags.com SkyDrifter
web-game for the famous entertainment park company
Sixflags.com Bulls Eye
web-game for the famous entertainment park company
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Tiefseetaucher"
"Tiefseetaucher" is kind of an underwater-version of good old jump'n'run games.
Gardeners Website
Colorful and bright website for Frankfurts most creative mostly girls agency
UBS Photo Field
32 monitors showing users' favorite images when presenting their personal card.
Kinder-Pinguí Characters
These are characters of the penguins we developed for use on the kinder pinguí website
CMS Handbuch Fitness-Einrichtungen
Content management and online-print system used to collect data of all important german fitness studios.
Emma 01 - Keep the Sheep running
The first round of sheep banners was created in mid 2006 and let the sheep even run across web pages
Emma 03 - "Look Ma, Swimming Sheep!"
The third round of sheep banners was created in late 2006, and this time things really get serious for poor Emma...
Emma 02 - Run for Shelter!
This time we learned from the first campaign: it is no good style to have your sheep standing in the rain. So we built some shelter.
form.de The Making of Design
Website for Germany's oldest magazin about industrial and graphic design.
Ougrapo is an archive and a workshop for "graphic design under constraints". And a Website.
atelier deLuxe
Bringing the delightful light installations of atelier deluxe to the internet
Productpilot prelaunch website
website with raffle to promote the upcoming portal
Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
The "Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt" (museum of the state of hesse) is the state's central museum.
An open wiki database about each and every unicode sign.
ade hauser lacour corporate website
Corporate Website of the famous Frankfurt based agency using aspekt:ratio as the content management system.
becker-lacour.com V1
New approach for showing a photographer's website. Graphically, that is.
Der Kassenarzt
Website of the german magazine for physicians "Der Kassenarzt".
Their claim is "Consulting leading to Benefits" ... and thats exactly what they do.
CMS Handbuch Reha und Vorsorge- Einrichtungen
Content management and online-print system used to collect data of all important german reha clinics.
Andrea Tognon Architect
Website for the New York and Milan based architect using flash and a mini content management system
Multiuser Environment
Kinder-pinguí multiuser environment.
Helga Nienburg
The Munich based artist shows her recent works in a no-nonsense manner
hfg5 Web System for HfG Offenbach
Website for the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach.
Kinder-Pinguí In-Pack-Promotion "Playground"
A snow island playground designedfor a CD-ROM giveaway by kinder pinguí chocolate bars.
Kinder-pinguí.de Fusball Promotion
Microsite for FERRERO football promotion in 2006. Win your personalized football shirt by allocating metaphors
Kinder-Pinguí Promotion "Weltraum"
A classical two pane compare images game made in Flash.
Kinder-Pinguí TV-Spot "MakingOf"
The "MakingOf" the Kinder Pinguí TV Spot.
Urbanshof Oberhofen
Webpage for a restaurant and hotel located right in the heart of the Pfälzer Wald. Not only geographically, that is.
Kinder-Pinguí promotion for toni.de
Online raffle and audiobook library where you can download audiobooks for Kinder-pinguí codes.
Kinder-Pinguí Russia Promotion for Ice Age 3
Flash application for Ice Age 3 promotion in Russia with interactive elements made out of fresh artwork
Kinder-Pinguí Russia Promo for Kung Fu Panda
Flash application for Ferrero Russia to accompany the movie start of Kung Fu Panda with sophisticated animations
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Puck"
Little promo game for Ferrero in good old "breakout"-manner.
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Memo"
Promo game for Ferrero: Find out the pairs of snow flakes.
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Parcours"
Our little flash game may look like a piece of cake. But it will put to the test even professional and experienced gamers.
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Tour de Pinguí"
Tour de Pinguí is a single player game developed for Ferrrero.
Kinder-Pinguí Wo wohnt die Familie?
Another little promo game: Find out where mother penguin lives with her husband and the two children.
Kinder-Pinguí Puzzle
Completing a puzzle showing a lovely photograph of little penguin's family will give you the solution word.
Kinder-Pinguí Weißt du Bescheid?
What do you know about our friends, the penguins? A little questionnaire for Kinder-pinguí with funny questions and nice illustrations.
Small startup website that is surely not about eyes at all. But seeing is believing, so see for yourself what they do.
Christiane Wegner Werkstatt für Schnitt + Design
Small website for Christiane Wegner, a fashion designer and tailor of exclusive women's clothing in Frankfurt.
Deutsche Bank Brandspace
Deutsche Bank Brandspace
Deutsche Bank - Art works
Deutsche Bank - Art works
National Park Center Kellerwald
interactive installations for the visitor center of National Park Kellerwald, Hessen
Campaign for Productpilot
prelaunch website, movies, ads and launch event for productpilot.de
interactive facade projection
Cyberhelvetia Cybermovie "Drift"
A synchronized nonvirtual water ballet.
Visualization of micro- and nano-technology at the Expo2000
Werksmodell Sindelfingen
Interactive visualization of the Mercedes-Benz Plant through the course of ten decades

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